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Medani Foods, offering commodity and specialised products to the industrial and food service markets.


Medani Foods is a manufacturer and supplier of quality food ingredients, offering commodity and specialised products to the¬†manufacturing and food-service markets. The company is primarily concerned with the development and production of custom dry-blend ingredients to suit our customers’ specific needs and we specialise on Contract Food Ingredient Blending. We do, however, provide a range of commodity-style products via agency and distribution agreements. Our mix in supply is supported by a diverse knowledge base amongst our employees, which offers our customers the support and opportunity that they require to achieve their own goals.

We take pride in our strategic approach to developing services, products and markets. To do this effectively, we invest significant time and effort into understanding similar market philosophies of our customers. Their product mix, and certainly thier overall offering is recognised as being the basis for our development efforts. Therefore we are keen to become deeply involved with our customers as they strive to gain their own competitive advantage. Through the strength of our customers, we will grow, and through our strength of support, so too will they. Please contact us today and find out more, or invite us to demonstrate how we can add value to your business, and become a part of a brighter future.


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